Student Emergency Fund for COVID-19

To our Daemen Community, 

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Whether you are here in Western New York, across the nation, or somewhere around the globe, I know this is undoubtedly an unprecedented event and experience for us all.  As one can imagine, the escalation of the COVID-19 virus across the United States and the world is having an enormous impact on Daemen students as they attempt to achieve their goals and fulfill dreams of higher education. The Amherst and Brooklyn, NY locations of the college have transitioned exclusively to remote instruction as of March 23, and students and families are dealing with unexpected costs including those related to travel, moving, unexpected technology needs, and in some cases, the potential loss of employment that helps fund their college education. 

That is why I am asking for your support of the Daemen College CARE Fund.

It is this fund that may help make a difference in a student's life and ease the financial burden of the effects of this very painful health crisis. 

Established in 2017, the CARE Fund assists students in emergency circumstances who require help quickly while facing major life issues. We ask you to support the emergency needs of financially insecure students, such as costs related to unexpected travel requirements or lost income due to business closings. Gifts to this fund will assist our students and lessen their unanticipated financial burdens resulting from COVID-19. It may also help provide them with a bit of light in this dark time and encourage them to continue their studies and achieve their dreams as the college community works to support them in a time of need.

As Daemen works to assist as many students and families as possible, we ask that you please consider making a gift to the CARE Fund. Your support will provide immediate assistance to help the most challenged students continue to experience an exceptional Daemen education uninterrupted as much as possible in these challenging times.

We recognize that not everyone is able to give financially during this time, so, there are several ways to help! 

  • Post a video, photo, or written message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #DaemenCares and click the hashtag to see the collection of supportive and encouraging messages in real-time and to connect and network with fellow Wildcats – both students and alumni.
    To connect and network with fellow Wildcats – both students and alumni.
  • Share words of encouragement to our senior class of 2020 by sending well wishes to   
  • Take care of each other, Wildcats - and remember, we are Daemen!

As President Dr. Olson shared with the community recently, “Stay healthy, stay strong, we are Daemen, and we will get through this.” 

Thank you for demonstrating the power of our Daemen College pride. 

Alumni Board President
Amy Miechowiz ’89

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Read more information on the CARES Act and donations.