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The History and Political Science department offers a History BA, Political Science BA, and History & Political Science BA with specializations in Environmental Studies and Adolescence Education in Social Studies.  

History Program Highlights

History gives us a broad perspective on the human condition and explains how changes shape people and societies and how our world came to be. The skills you learn in our classes are valuable in the workplace and essential for graduate studies. Historians learn how to gather information, analyze and interpret data in complex ways, draw conclusions from evidence, and explain cause and effect.

  • The History major at Daemen features a strong liberal arts emphasis that begins with the intensive study of history and includes a broad grounding in the humanities. This liberal arts training prepares you for a variety of careers and occupations and gives you the knowledge and understanding to be a global citizen who is fluent in the world of ideas.
  • Courses cover local, national, and global history, from the ancient era to current times. Our courses integrate perspectives from gender studies, postcolonial theory, and historiographical controversies, among others.
  • History majors learn to assess and integrate complex material and to develop and support arguments with evidence, evaluate conflicting interpretations, and understand events in their context.
  • A capstone thesis requirement gives you the opportunity to do in-depth research on a topic of your choice, bringing together your acquired knowledge and skills.
  • All students are required to complete an internship or cooperative learning experience. Many internships can be found within the Buffalo area.
  • Pre-law studies offers a structured bundling of courses in preparation for law school.
  • Experiential learning opportunities connect classroom knowledge to the real world. These include Moot Court, Model U.N., internships, career field experiences, public history, and international study abroad.
  • Faculty members provide student advisement for law school applications, graduate studies, internships, and co-curricular activities.
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History Degree Options

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Additional Information

Student Thesis Presentations

History & Political Science

Emily Kraft


Emily Kraft

I had an internship through the Washington Internship Institute at the National Museum of American History. For my work at the Museum, I was also featured on the front page of the Washington Post with my supervisor!

Shamella Jeffers

History and Political Science

Shamella is a senior from New York City and studies history & political science where she serves on the e-board of the Student Association as treasurer, volunteers as a peer mentor, tour guide, a member of Multicultural Association, History & Government Club, Cynergy, and the Black Student Union (BSU).

As an attendee at a recent Harvard conference, Shamella had the opportunity to take part in educational sessions that aligned with her interests. From that experience, Daemen’s Black Student Union decided to organize a student leadership conference that emphasizes professional development, civic engagement, and social justice. Upon graduation, Shamella will work with City Year, a New York City organization that partners with teachers in the classroom in preparing lessons, tutoring and grading.  

Dr. Penny Messinger

History and Political Science

Dr. Penny Messinger, associate professor of history and chair of history and political science at Daemen College, teaches a range of classes in American history, women’s history and women’s studies.  READ MORE

History & Political Science Blog

The History & Political Science Department Blog provides the very latest on what our students and faculty are up to.

Pre-Law Association

The PLSA is a club for prospective law school applicants and students who are interested in law and legal careers. Membership is open to students from all majors.

history and political science students
American Association of University Women

Focused on empowering women, the AAUW is a national women's advocacy organization.


history and government club
History & Government Club

The History & Government Club is involved in activities both on and off campus that celebrate our rich history and fascinating government.


For more information, contact Penny Messinger, Chair of the History & Political Science Department, at pmessing or call 716-839-8280.