Program Highlights

  • Pre-med students may choose majors from all disciplines, from sciences to arts to languages, fostering pursuit of individual academic interests and qualification for medical school admission.
  • Typical pre-med students at Daemen College major in a Biochemistry pre-professional track. This major includes all of the courses required for acceptance into medical schools and provides students with a strong scientific background leading to success in their professional programs.
  • Students majoring in the Biochemistry pre-professional major are required to complete a two-year research experience. Students work with their Natural Science faculty mentor for two years and write a senior thesis based on their research.
  • Service learning is required for all majors at Daemen College which is congruent to the mission of many medical schools.
  • Students meeting the academic requirements have guaranteed admittance to Nova Southeastern University of Osteopathic Medicine.​

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Pre-Med Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Professional Studies General Natural Science

For additional information contact Daemen Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Kristin Fries at (716) 839-8423 or