• Insurance Requirements

    All resident students at Daemen College are required to have health insurance. Students must provide proof of personal health insurance plans or health insurance may be purchased through Daemen College.

    Students who have not provided proof of insurance by move-in day will not be allowed to have their room keys.

  • Roommate Preference Form

    Once deposited, students will receive a Roommate Preference form from the Office of Admissions asking various questions about how the student prefers to live. After the deadline the Residence Life Office will do its best to pair students in doubles or triples. Roommate information will be distributed electronically.

  • Canavan Hall: What to Bring/What To Leave At Home
  • ROOM: 2016-2017
    Canavan Hall $4,425/Semester
    Campus Apartments $4,950/Semester
    Campus Apartments Double $4,660/Semester
    Collegiate Village Single (4BR/Apt) $5,000/Semester
    Collegiate Village Single: (2BR/Apt) $5,237/Semester
    Collegiate Village Shared: (2BR/Apt) $5,000/Semester
    Campus Manor $4,950/Semester
    Homewood Suites $4,425/Semester

    BOARD: 2016-2017

    19 Meal Plan with 180 DC Bucks $1,787.50/Semester
    14 Meal Plan with 200 DC Bucks $1,637.50/Semester
    10 Meal Plan with 220 DC Bucks $1,587.50/Semester
  • All students living through Daemen must have a meal plan
  • Students wishing to alter their meal plan must complete a Meal Plan Change Form by the Add/Drop Deadline