Three students sitting at a table for coaching session

Learning Center

Academic coaching is provided by the College and is free to all Daemen College students. Students contact academic coaches by email to set up a time to meet. All sessions are held at the Learning Center in the RIC. Students should bring their notes, books, and any questions they may have. We encourage students to meet with academic coaches early in the semester for the most effective use of this service.

Difficulty understanding your textbook, memorizing, preparing for tests or taking notes?

If you answered yes, then The Learning Center is the place for you. The Learning Center provides a variety of academic supports including coaching for students at Daemen College. ALL students are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the Center's free services.

How can I become a coach?

Academic coaches are students who are recommended to the Learning Center by the instructor of the course. Academic coaches complete a training program and attend staff meetings. Academic coaches are paid minimum wage.

Who are the academic coaches in the learning center?

Academic coaches are students who have successfully completed the course they are coaching, were recommended by the instructor of the course, and have completed training.

What can academic coaches help me with?

Academic coaches can help you with many tasks including:

  • reviewing/clarifying textbook and lecture information helping you understand and practice math concepts
  • assisting you in focusing on what is most important as you prepare for tests

What does The Learning Center have to offer?

The Learning Center provides FREE academic support, such as academic coaching, assistance with study strategies, and disability support services. These services are available to all Daemen College students.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching at the Learning Center is available to all Daemen College students in most subjects.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Coaching

The Learning Center provides coaching to ESL students  and speakers of various dialects of English.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The Learning Center provides services to students with disabilities, including test accommodations and auxiliary aids.