Recent Student Experiences and Success

Jack Julian

The Daemen experience taught me valuable networking skills and now that I am the Regional Sales Manager for NY, NJ, and PA at Buckeye Fire Equipment Co., I take customers to conventions, dinners, marketing, and sporting events. What I learned from the global business program expatriate trips also applied when working in places like NYC where there are many foreign business owners. In my new career, I was hired not because of my major, but the president of our company said he was impressed by my Master’s degree, proving that I could start a task and finish it.  

Naiima Khahaifa

I'm currently a PhD student at the University at Buffalo studying Economic Geography and International Trade. This fall, I will be starting my first semester as a Teaching Assistant. The Master of Science in Global Business degree I received from Daemen was excellent preparation for the program I am currently in. When I finish my PhD I plan to pursue a career with the United Nations or the United States Department of Commerce to continue my research. I would highly recommend Daemen to anyone considering graduate school because the professors are phenomenal. If I could offer any advice to a graduate student at Daemen it would be to get to know your professors. They played a key role in building my confidence as a student. If it wasn't for the professors at Daemen who genuinely care about their students futures, I probably would not have had the confidence to apply to the program that I am immensely enjoying now!      

Chris Race

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Title: North American Field Operations Supervisor

Degree Held: M.S. Global Business

Benefits: Although my focus was in Marketing, the degree still helped me get my current position in Supply Chain. The Global Business program's diverse course portfolio has proven to be very beneficial.

Plans: I plan to continue my education once I've had full exposure to my current position.

Recommendations: Those in pursuit of the Global Business degree should network with the professors. All of the professors have diverse backgrounds and connections. I owe my internships, my current position, and success to networking with Daemen College professors. Whether it be in a classroom setting or at a job, always volunteer for projects and network with those around you.