Welcome to the Master in International Business Program! Daemen College has offered a master’s degree in business since 1999, with a wide alumni network throughout the U.S. and worldwide. This program, in accordance with our mission statement, is a reflection of our complex and changing environment. Built on a liberal arts foundation, we value open discussion of diverse and relevant factors that enable successful trade and commerce. This vitality, the down-to-earth learning environment, and achievement orientation, allows us to beneficially serve our students and the community.

A unique blend of skill-building courses and either an accounting or a marketing track are available, based on background and interests. The core of our program includes topics such as international business and marketing, operations and supply chain management, ethics, comparative management, and finance. Electives in higher level accounting, finance and marketing provide detailed insights, and a capstone course with strategic orientation will culminate the program.

Our full-time and adjunct professors have extensive international experience and do not only impart knowledge but can be professional resources and sounding boards for business and career decisions. A mix of domestic and international students in small classes with different educational and professional backgrounds cater to the concept of peer-based learning. Outside of the classroom, we have the flexibility to substitute elective courses with domestic and international internships through support from our global programs office. Guest speakers, company visits, and attendance at professional meetings are part of the curriculum. Across campus, Daemen offers a wide range of regionally recognized events, strong academic support programs as well as a modern library. We facilitate connections to the business world and provide leadership development and networking opportunities.

Daemen’s Master of Science in International Business is accredited by the international Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). IACBE is leading in the field of outcome-based accreditation for colleges and universities whose primary focus is on excellence in teaching and learning. Over 1300 programs have been accredited worldwide which grant bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

I invite you to be part of our exceptional learning experience, to explore our website, or to contact us with specific questions you may have. The flexibility, personal attention and educational focus of this program will be a worthy investment in your future!

Torsten Doering, Ph.D., MBA, Dipl. Ing., Dipl. Wirt. Ing.
Director, Global Business Program