Why did you choose Daemen?

I love the small class sizes, they offer a variety of majors to choose from and everyone on campus is friendly and welcoming when you visit, so it makes you feel part of the Daemen family.

In what ways are you involved on campus?

I am a part of CRU (Campus Crusaders for Christ) and I am also the Treasurer officer for the SVA (Student Veterans Alliance on campus) and I am a tour guide.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

I would say getting involved on campus (attending events) during the Freshmen year is an important piece to a smoother transition, don't be afraid to meet new people and form study groups, get to know your roommates if living on campus, don't be shy to speak with your Professors and get to know their style of teaching, take advantage of all of the resources offered from the Student Success Center (coaching, writing specialist and PLTL sessions). Lastly, taking advantage of all the opportunities which may come your way is crucial if you want to feel involved and connected on campus.

What excites you most about being a tour guide?

I'll be meeting prospective students, learning what major they are interested in and see what similarities we share. Sharing my positive experiences of what it has been like to be a student here and what resources I can potentially connect them with. I love to share my experiences and display a positive influence on prospective students.

What is your most memorable moment at Daemen?

Some of my most memorable moments at Daemen are: attending the events during Orientation week over the summer for Freshmen students, outdoor movie nights and of course the big campus wide bonfire with games included. It gave me the chance to meet new students, get more involved on campus and also made the transition into college life smoother.

How has Daemen changed or shaped your life?

It has opened many doors of opportunities of getting involved on campus so far, furthered my experience in what it means to be a leader and hold leadership positions on campus. I have met many great Professors, which are very passionate and truly do care about their students succeeding after graduation.

Who inspires you the most?

My parents and my church Pastor inspires me the most. I have been taught values and the importance of keeping my Faith, when I go through trials and tribulations throughout life. They are all good role models and I have learned, what it takes to be a good role model and what traits you should live by.