Getting started

Contact our office at today! We have the resources to contact your classmates and we can get the word out that your reunion year is coming up. Team up with a few of your fellow graduates to spread the word.

Save the date, time and venue

Alumni Celebration is our June reunion party where all classes and affinity groups gather for one night to reconnect with fellow alumni and faculty/staff. Whether you are interested in an academic, club/organization or class reunion, we are happy to work with you to bring your group back to campus! The 50th Class Reunion/50+ Weekend is held during our June reunion weekend. Classes celebrating 50 years or more are welcome to return to campus. The 50th class is gifted a reunion by the Institutional Advancement division in honor of their milestone anniversary.  

Decide who to invite 

  • Do you want to include fellow graduates from a particular year, course, club or residence hall?
  • Will you invite spouses/partners, children, former professors?

Contact us so that we work together to plan. We ask that you keep the Institutional Advancement division updated with any new contact information you may find for your fellow graduates. Any new contact information we gather from attendees of the event will be updated in our database to ensure we have accurate data for your next reunion!

Put together your program 

Set up a meeting with a representative from the Institutional Advancement division to help facilitate the details that will make your reunion special.

Letters, emails and event promotion

There are so many ways to reach out to the people you want to see! Our office provides:

  • Electronic communication including emails and Voice articles promoting the event.
  • Social media posts further spread the word
  • An official Reunion Invitation (including the finalized program, reply card, accommodation details, etc.)

You can help by sending a personal letter to classmates, an email or by placing a phone call is to stimulate further interest. Tell them how many have shown interest (you could even list names) and that the more people attend, the better it will be.

After the reunion

You may want to send out an email/letter to thank all those who attended. Please ask them to keep in touch with the Institutional Advancement division and let us know when they change address. This will help if you ever want to another reunion in the future, too! Look online and in college publications for post event photos and articles.