First-Gen Students Program

What is a first-generation college student?

A first-generation college student is a person whose parents or guardians have not earned a 4-year college degree.

First-Generation college students can face additional challenges in academic preparedness, familial support, and financial stability. Adjusting to college can be difficult and often leads to lower graduation rates for first-generation students. Daemen’s First-Gen Program provides resources for students and works with faculty and staff to eliminate barriers to support first-gen students from college enrollment to graduation.

Most first-gen college students have already experienced and overcome significant life challenges, and to achieve college enrollment as the first in their family is a great accomplishment. At Daemen, we celebrate being First-Gen and believe that these life experiences hold a depth of character, courage, and determination that demonstrate unique potential.

Starting this summer, Daemen's I Am First Program is offering workshops designed to assist students as they navigate Daemen's campus, stimulate their academic success, and overcome the adversity they may face. We are collaborating with partners across campus to talk about campus life, studying, student expectations, mental health, financial wellness, and so much more.

I Am First Workshops will help you:

  • make connections with other first-generation students
  • learn more about your strengths and skills
  • develop a plan for college and beyond
  • identify potential mentors who can guide you toward greater success