ALHANA Graduation Ceremony

What is the ALHANA Graduation Ceremony?

The ALHANA (African, Latinx, Hispanic, Asian, Native American) Ceremony symbolizes and commemorates the rite of passage for learners and scholars who are transitioning from institutions of higher learning to the next chapter of their lives. The ALHANA Graduation Ceremony has deep history and is an important experience for our students.

Mission Statement

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion's ALHANA Ceremony is an event which recognizes, acknowledges, emphasizes, and celebrates the educational achievement of Daemen College graduates. Our intent is to celebrate academic excellence of the graduates as they begin a bright, hopeful future, while simultaneously affirming the role of graduates in the future growth of Daemen College.

Purpose/Statement of Celebration

Our purpose is to share and celebrate a heritage rich in tradition with the Daemen community.  We also invite family and friends to share in this ceremony. An keynote speaker delivers words of encouragement and expectations to the graduating class. Classmates share their experiences while at Daemen, special performances by current students follow, and finally, each graduate receives an ALHANA stole to be worn at their graduation ceremony.

This celebration is an opportunity to demonstrate the pride in the intersection of cultural history and our hope for future graduates of Daemen College. Students are encouraged to remember those who came before, students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who have made their mark on the Daemen campus and completed their academic journeys in their respective disciplines. During the ALHANA Ceremony we celebrate their individual accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of the entire graduating class.

Class of 2020 ALHANA Graduates

  • Jacqueline Abraham- MS, Physician Assistant Studies
  • Kimberly Acosta-BA, Liberal Studies 
  • Maria Ahmed-MPH, Public Health: Epidemiology
  • Lina Akther- BS, Natural Science-Health Science  
  • Tyrel Bales-Brown- BS, Business Administration
  • Albert Barnes- MSW, Master of Social Work 
  •  Dmarco Barnes- BS, Business Administration-Sport Management
  •  Nia Berrien- BS,Health Promotion
  •  Sharon Bienas- BS, Nursing
  •  Lexie Blackwell-BA, Social Work
  •  Stephanie Bryant-MS, Nursing Education
  •  Shyanne Cady-BA, Social Work
  • Anai Clark-BS, Nursing
  • Marja Cormack-Price- MS, Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  •  Kristina Corra-Natural Science-BS, Health Science/Physical Therapy 
  •  Yakira Cruz- Advanced MSW
  • Jawhan Davis, BA-Psychology
  •  Deonna Davis- BS, Nursing
  • Ashley Easley- BS, Paralegl Studies
  • Christana Ellison- BS, Business Administration-International Business 
  •  Ashley Fraser-BS, Health Care Studies-Community Health-Education
  • Jearin Fuentes-BS, Business Administration-Marketing 
  •  Samantha Garcia-BS, Natural Science-Health Science/PreVet 
  • Jala Gilliam- BS, Natural Science-Health Science/Physical Therapy 
  •  Helen Graves- MPH, Public Health - Community Health
  •  Feige Grussgott- MS, Alt Cert: Early Childhood Special Education
  • Tirzah Hall-MSW, Master of Social Work 
  •  Deion Hamilton- BA, Liberal Studies
  •  Esmeralda Hernandez-BA, Social Work
  •  Alysha Jackson-BA, Psychology 
  •  Tolbert Jefferies-DPT, Physical Therapy 
  •  Lino Kalayil- BA, Biology
  •  Kanwarbir Kaur - MS, Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  •  Antoinette Kelly-Advanced MSW, Master of Social Work
  •  Stanley Kurian-BS, Natural Science-Health Science Physical Therapy 
  • Brandon Liu- BS, Natural Science-Health Science/ Physical Therapy
  • Alicia Longmore- MS, Alt Cert:Childhood Special Education
  •  Nichole Maldonado- BS, Nursing
  •  Ricardo Marquez- BA, Political Science
  • Nicholas Matibag-BS, Natural Science-Health Science 
  • Jose Mejia- BS, Health Promotion-Health & Fitness 
  •  Rachelle Mercado- BS, Natural Science-Health Science
  •  Nikita Morales- MS, Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner 
  •  Donovan Morris-Fisher-BS, Business Administration-Sport Management
  • Felecia Moses- BS, Nursing
  • Eric Mundt- MS, Physician Assistant Studies 
  • Ayrell Nailor- Advanced MSW, Master of Social Work
  •  Miracle Nwadike- BS, Nursing 
  • Kelechi Ofurum- MS, Nursing Education
  •  Mikayla Otero- BS, Health Promotion-Community Health-Principles
  • Danielle Overton- BS, Nursing
  • Miranda Panaro-BS, Nursing
  •  Jethel Parker- BS, Nursing
  • Mu Paw-MPH, Public Health - Community Health 
  • Ayanna Peoples- BS, Nursing
  •  David Perez-DPT, Physical Therapy
  •  Rachel Roberson-MPH, Public Health - Community Health 
  • George Rodriguera- MS, Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy 
  • Gissela Rodriguez- BA, Biology 
  •  Celeste Rodriguez -BA, Social Work
  •  Lucy Rosario-MS, Leadership and Innovation-Health Professions 
  • Brianna Rowe-BS, Business Administration
  • Morgan Rozler, BS, Nursing
  •  Maya Rutherford- BS, Natural Science-Health Science 
  •  Faryal Sahibzada-BS, Nursing 
  • Tyra Saunders-BA, Psychology
  •  Kristen Schlabach- MS, Athlethic Training
  • Danitra Simmons- BA, Social Work
  • Zachary Smith- BS, Natural Science-Health Science/Physician Assistant Studies 
  • Sheree Soto-Gott- BS, Nursing
  •  Loren Stitt- MS, Nursing Education
  •  Dario Surphlis- BFA, Animation
  •  Shelmy Thachet- BS, Natural Science-Health Science/Physician Assistant Studies 
  • Stephanie Thomas- BS, Natural Science-Health Science/Physician Assistant Studies 
  • Carisa Thompson-MS, Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Omari Thompson-MPH, Public Health - Community Health 
  • Krishanti Trivedi- BA, Biology 
  •  Natalie Vargas-BFA, Animation 
  •  Tia Warrick-MPH, Public Health: Epidemiology
  •  Tysai Washington-BA, History 
  • Keith Waterman-BS, Nursing
  • Joel Weiss-  MS, Alt Cert:Childhood Special Education 
  • Cassandra White- BS, Nursing
  • Sabrina Xaisanasy- BS, Natural Science-Health Science 
  • Jessica Yagel- BS, Paralegal Studies 
  •  Angela Yeung-  MS, Physician Assistant Studies

Congratulations to all the graduates!