Sexual Assault Violence Prevention

Daemen College takes the health and wellness of our students very seriously. To that end, and in compliance with Clery, Title IX, the Campus SaVE Act Initiatives, as well as NY State Enough is Enough legislation, Student Affairs maintains regular efforts to examine Daemen’s policies, protocol and programming as it relates to reducing sexual assault, dating abuse, and stalking, as well as substance abuse education. The Student Wellness Advocacy Group (SWAG) Task Force meets monthly to continue addressing these important issues, while striving to create an environment that is accepting, non-hostile, and conducive to life, learning, and a free exchange of ideas.

The SWAG Committee is comprised of the following staff members and areas:

  • Dr. Kathy Boone, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Title IX Coordinator (Ex-officio)
  • Robert Mead-Colegrove, Assistant Dean for Campus Life (Ex-officio)
  • Lexi Athens, Graduate Student Intern for Wellness Education
  • Kim Pagano, Director of Orientation and Leadership Development
  • Chris Malik, Director of Student Activities
  • Shannon Radder, Director of Counseling
  • Meg Altman-Cosgrove, Assistant Director, Residence Life
  • Gianne Gerena, Senior, Health Care Studies, Resident Assistant
  • Sara Cherry, Campus Advocate, Crisis Services of Buffalo
  • Dr. Denise Emer, Chair, Psychology
  • Dr. Diane Bessel, Chair, Social Work 

Through SAPE’s efforts, the College has put in place many important measures, including:

  • A conduct review process that is fair, consistent, and expedient for both the complainant and respondent. The policies and procedures not only comply with the policies outlined by the federal and state governments, but also with the best practices in the profession.  Daemen College prides itself on balancing compassion with adjudication and education.  Students can review the conduct review process in the Student Handbook.
  • As part of that conduct review process, the College has created a simple handout to provide to students who may have experienced a sexual assault or harassment which outlines their rights as well as FAQs on what to expect in coming forward. (revised document coming shortly)
  • Require completion of Think About It,, a web-based educational orientation, for all incoming students (including transfers and graduate programs) during the summer and early part of the fall term each year.  This program addresses alcohol, drug, and sexual assault violence prevention.
  • Bystander Intervention Training for all student leaders before classes begin each year. This training includes: Athletes, Greek Leaders, Student Ambassadors, Resident Assistants, Tour Guides, Peer Mentors, and Orientation Leaders. Designed by Crisis Services of Buffalo, this 90-minute class teaches student leaders what to look out for and how to address and prevent something from happening. 
  • Education for Faculty and Staff, including Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act and Responsible Persons under Title IX on how to report a crime. One part of that training for CSAs and Responsible Persons, is an annual online presentation.
  • Regular education and programming including: Red Flag Campaign, “One Night Performance”, Passive Programming Campaigns, and more

The College’s efforts do not operate in a vacuum – it partners with the Campus Care Team, Campus Safety, Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Kathy Boone,, and student groups.

Additionally, the College has spearheaded a “Do Something” campaign to continue raising awareness on the important issue.