Academic Affairs/Continuing Education Committee

The SPTA Academic Committee is a group of PT students that work collaboratively with the all of the PT faculty, students, and staff on subjects such as final exam scheduling, upholding academic honesty policies, and communicating all academic concerns from classmates. Additionally, the committee builds greater academic bonds and social relationships between the different graduate classes.

The committee works to create opportunities for de-stressing activities that promote overall student physical health and mental well-being. For Spring 2017, the Academic Committee hosted a Daemen campus-wide “Find Your Zen” yoga program. The committee partnered with a local yoga studio to bring an instructor on campus to teach a one-hour Vinyssa yoga class. Also, for this event the committee partnered with the Social/Alumni Committee to use the yoga event as a fundraiser for the department’s annual charity gala to support SABAH. During this program, students were able to tap into their mindfulness and breath while connecting with other community members and fundraising for a great local charity. This program truly promoted relaxation, a stronger PT family, and more importantly a donation to SABAH.

Student Spotlight

In January of 2017, Tom Styn Class of ‘19 and Connor VanKouwenberg Class of ‘18 took part in a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the Students Without Borders (SWOB) group based out of Daemen College. The group is comprised physician assistant (PA) students and students from other programs with the goal of providing health care to the underprivileged population of foreign countries. For 5 days, the group set up and successfully ran a medical clinic in an underdeveloped community in the Dominican Republic, providing free health care to its people.

While in the clinic, Connor and Tom were able to participate in the treatment of the patients in a variety of ways. During triage, patient vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate, as well as determining the chief complaint were done. After a patient was triaged one of the PA students would individually assess and treat the patient. When their assessment included a musculoskeletal pathology, Connor and Tom were then called upon to assess and treat the patients as well.

A variety of pathologies, with the majority being related to lumbar and cervical spine pain as well as some shoulder pathologies were seen. The difficult part of treating these patients was that there was no opportunity for follow-up appointments, so patient education and formulation of pertinent home exercise programs for treatment were critical.

Though it is not certain how successful the treatment plans for the patients were, the patients, nonetheless were very grateful to have received physical therapy care. This past trip was Tom’s 5th time participating on the SWOB mission trip, but was by far the most rewarding. Since, this is his first year of DPT schooling, this trip was the first time he was able to assist the group in regards to health care. Being able to treat patients and to feel their gratitude for his service was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.
Written by: Tom Styn Class of ‘19 and Connor VanKouwenberg Class of ‘18

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