Daemen University recognizes that education needs to be more agile if it is to help prepare students for professional, intellectual, and civic leadership. At Daemen the core curriculum provides an innovative competency-based foundation for your studies in whatever major you may choose.

We focus on 7 core elements – Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, Information Literacy, Communication Skills, Affective Awareness, Moral and Ethical Discernment, Contextual Integration, and Civic Responsibility. In today’s rapidly changing world, the competencies developed in the core curriculum will have lasting value and will provide you with a strong basis for lifelong learning.

Engage in co-curricular activities in the real world to connect your education outside of the classroom.

Enhance your degree and expand your career options.

Research is carried out at Daemen on a host of different fronts—spanning an innovative think tank and a high-profile wound therapy initiative to the Academic Festival which showcases our students academic achievement and excellence.