The physical therapy degree is recognized as a professional degree requiring the development of entry level knowledge and skills in multiple domains of health care. Physical therapist education requires acquisition and retention of knowledge and skills as well as development of judgment through a wide range of learning activities and mentored patient care experiences in preparation for making appropriate, independent decisions required for autonomous clinical practice. The current practice of physical therapy emphasizes collaboration among physical therapists, other health care professionals, the patient, and the patient’s family/caregivers.


The purpose of this document is to assure that all students entering the Daemen University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program are aware of and understand the requirements of our program and the profession, so that informed decisions can be made regarding pursuit of this profession. These technical standards and essential functions are in turn linked to student success within our program and achievement of the Daemen University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Goals and the Minimum Required Skills of Physical Therapist Graduates at Entry Level by graduation.

View the Technical Standards and Essential Functions for Physical Therapy Practice (PDF).