Cost of Living on Campus 2022-2023


Canavan Hall $4,550/Semester
Campus Apartments $4,925/Semester
Collegiate Village Single (4 Bedroom/Apt) $4,875/Semester
Collegiate Village Single: (2 Bedroom/Apt) $4,925/Semester
Collegiate Village Shared: (2 Bedroom/Shared) $4,925/Semester
Snyder Park $4,750/Semester


19 Weekly Meals with 180 Cat Cash ($90 each semester) $2,265/Semester
14 Weekly Meals with 200 Cat Cash ($100 each semester) $2055/Semester
10 Weekly Meals with 220 Cat Cash ($110 each semester) $1,995/Semester
100 Block: 100 Meals/semester with 220 Cat Cash ($110 each semester) $1,915/Semester

All on-campus residents are required to have a meal plan. Canavan residents are required to have the 19 meal plan. Non-Canavan residents may select any plan. The 100 block meal plan allows you to swipe more than once during any one dining period, though there is no “check” in place to ensure you are not using all of your meals early.

All meal plans come with two meal (2) equivalencies each week. During any given week, a student may opt to use one swiped meal in the Den for up to a $5 value. Anything over that can be paid for with any other method, including Cat Cash. The equivalencies only work in the Den during the hours of 2 – 4 pm, and 6:30 – 8 pm. For Example: If your class ends at 7:30 pm, you may go to the Den to use a $5 swipe towards your purchase.

Students wishing to alter their meal plan can do so on their eRezLife account accessible from MyDaemen, or by emailing with their preference. Meal plans may be changed prior to the conclusion of Add/Drop according to the Academic Calendar.

You may view a full list of all Room and Board fees on our 2022-2023 Housing and Dining Service Agreement.