Canavan Hall

Canavan Hall, housing approximately 260 students is primarily used as first-year and new student housing. 

Campus Apartments

The Campus Apartments,  housing approximately 398 students, is a complex of seven two-story apartment-style buildings, provides housing typically for upperclassmen students.

Snyder Park

Snyder Park adjacent to campus, housing 12 student features apartment style living with either single or double rooms. Each individual apartment has a bathroom, full kitchen, cable, internet and laundry access on the ground floor.

Collegiate Village

Daemen College collaborates with Collegiate Village, an independently operated housing complex, which typically houses upperclassmen students.

Homewood Suites

At times, housing demand exceeds the available beds on campus. When that happens, Daemen partners with Homewood Suites located about 2 miles from campus and students are housed there until a space on campus or in Collegiate Village is available.