Daemen College employs an online Bias Reporting Form designed to assist the College in promoting an environment that fosters civility and mutual respect for all. Members of the Daemen community may use the online form to report incidents of bias, misconduct, and harassment. One does not have to be a member of a specific gender, sex, class, or group in order to be a victim of bias, misconduct, or harassment. Additionally, reporters do not need to be victims of bias or misconduct themselves: this form can be used by bystanders to report incidents that they have witnessed or of which they have knowledge.

One must also note that not every incident can, or should, be considered "bias related". You may find that in the course of discussion, particularly in the classroom, you will be faced with ideas and content that may challenge your current beliefs, values and lived experiences. It is recommended and strongly encouraged that if an incident arises during the course of a class/academic discussion, you first address it with your faculty, peers or whomever was involved in the initial incident. We believe that part of the growth process is learning how to have difficult discussions around tough topics and finding resolutions to those issues.

How does one make a Bias Report?

Daemen College urges all members of our community to promptly report all bias incidents using the Bias Incident Reporting Form.. Only DC students, faculty and staff may submit Bias Incident Report Forms. 

What happens to the report?

Any reports submitted will routed to the appropriate office, typically Student Affairs, which facilitates and adjudicates matters via the Student Code of Conduct, if it involves a student, or the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and/or Employee Engagement, if it involves an employee. All bias reports will be reviewed promptly. For reports containing contact information, a designated staff member will contact the reporting person and will be available to meet and discuss resources, policies, procedures, and services, with a view to addressing the immediate issue as well as any additional implications for campus climate.

Reports and related follow up will be handled as discreetly as possible.

Bias Reports may be submitted anonymously; however, doing so will impact the College’s ability not only to investigate a report but to provide a successful resolution or outcome.

Knowingly falsifying a report is a violation the Student Code of Conduct as well as Employee Policies and may result in disciplinary action.