Inclusion and Diversity Council


Logo for the Inclusion and Diversity Council.

Formed in May of 2016, the Inclusion and Diversity Council was created to serve as the primary organizing body for long-term diversity and inclusion efforts at Daemen University. The group has been charged with renewing Daemen's diversity strategic plan and leading the university in a new direction as we seek to serve an incredibly diverse and ever-changing population of students, faculty, and staff.  In addition to its work on the diversity strategic plan, the council will also serve as an advisory board throughout the year. The group will work to address concerns and provide solutions to campus-wide issues as they relate to diversity and inclusion.

This group of IDC members consists of a wonderful mix of both long-time and new Daemen faculty and staff, as well as student leaders. The group is co-chaired by one faculty member and one staff member, with the Chief Diversity Officer serving in an ex-officio role. This helps us to ensure that we are providing a voice and meeting the needs of our entire community. IDC members are appointed for a two-year term and invited by Daemen's president, Dr. Gary Olson, to serve in this important role. The IDC members for 2020-2022 are:

Member name Position/Title
Diane Bessel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Work and Undergrad Program Director
Elizabeth Renner Coordinator, Global Programs
Hamish Dalley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English
Heike Peckruhn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Jeremy Hall Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Karen Cash Special Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Karen Roehling Assistant Athletic Trainer and Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
Lindsay R. Masters Director of the Learning Center
Sharlene Buszka, Ph.D. Associate Professor/Chair of Accounting and Business Administration
Vanessa Patrone Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis
Whitney Mendel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Public Health
Tiffany L. Hamilton Chief Diversity Officer (Ex-officio)
Dasia Morman Assistant Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion (Ex-officio)

We welcome your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Our goal is to make Daemen a warm, welcoming, and inclusive place for every member of our community.