Here at the CDI we want to ensure that all students, staff, faculty, and community members feel that they are recognized and celebrated as important members of the Wildcat family. A part of doing this means remembering, recognizing, and celebrating holidays and important dates that while may not be commonplace in the United States Gregorian calendar, they are important to people in our community! Our office does everything it can to celebrate the diversity and intersectionality of our campus by hosting events and programming around the heritage months and significant holidays held during the academic year, so all students can share their culture with Daemen.

Grid of nine squares stating the heritage months between September and June celebrated by the Center of Diversity and Inclusion.



Brown graphic stating "Happy Native American Heritage Month" in the center with black plants and foliage surrounding.

Happy Native American Heritage Month from the CDI! This is a time to celebrate the rich & diverse cultures of indigenous people.

It is also a time to educate and raise awareness of the unique challenges Native people faced historically and in the present.

Be sure to be on the lookout for events and resources on NAHM happening within our community this month.