WE ARE NOW PAPERLESS (effective April 2019)

Make Payment @ https://selfservice.daemen.edu

Students will be notified via Daemen email and/or text message when semester bills are available to view on Self Service @ https://selfservice.daemen.edu

  • Fall tuition statements will be available in July and Spring statements in December.
  • Students will be notified via Daemen email if revisions are made to their account.


  • Two (2) Month Pay Plan w/ $40 set up fee
  • Five (5) Month Pay Plan w/ $40 set up fee
  • Students on a payment plan are required to make the first payment and have submitted a completed and signed Promissory Note, on or before the due date, to be considered settled. (see Promissory Note Info. below)
  • To learn more or to set up a payment plan, please visit ACI Payments, Inc. at https://payplan.officialpayments.com/PlanEnrollment/SelectEntityStep.aspx


  • Failure to make payments by the due date will result in a $100.00 late fee.​


  • ALL students are required to sign a Promissory Note for each term attended.
  • Please log into: https://my.daemen.edu for details regarding the Promissory Note.
  • Students on a payment plan are required to make the first payment and have submitted a completed and signed Promissory Note, on or before the due date, to be considered settled.


  • All on-campus residents must have their bill settled BEFORE moving into housing.
  • Students with unsettled accounts may experience a disruption of their services.  (Access to Blackboard, Meal Plan, and other services may be interrupted)




Daemen College’s Payment Method For Credit/Debit Cards/E-Check (effective August 2017)

ACI Payments, Inc. enables students and/or parents to pay tuition and fees by electronic check (ACH) or by credit/debit card via https://selfservice.daemen.edu - Payments by electronic checks (ACH) as well as Visa®,  MasterCard®, and Discover® cards are accepted.  We do not accept American Express.

Paying tuition and fees electronically allows students/parents to take advantage of credit card rewards and payment flexibility. The payment process is fast, easy, and secure.

Payment Method and Service Fees:

- There is a service fee of 2.85% - 3.15% (rate varies depending on the amount of your transaction and the difference in credit cards) for payments made via Visa®,  MasterCard®, and Discover® credit/debit cards.  

- There is NO service fee for payments made via electronic checks (ACH)

- Payment made by cash, personal check, and cashiers check may still be processed in the Student Accounts Office in person or by mail for no additional charge.



Is there a fee to pay my bill online?

  • There is a 2.85% - 3.15% service fee on the amount being paid when you pay the college by debit or credit card. The fee is added to your debit or credit card. There is NO service fee if you choose to pay by electronic check (ACH).

Why is a fee charged?

  • Credit card companies charge businesses such as Daemen College for the use of their cards. Daemen College is partnering with ACI Payments, Inc. to offer online payments. The service fee covers the cost of processing the payment transaction and the security compliance and certifications requirements that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal consumer data.

Why has Daemen College started charging a service fee?

  • Daemen College is working to keep costs down while maintaining high quality programs and services. While credit and debit card payments are a convenient way to pay your tuition bills, the cost to provide this convenience has grown dramatically such that it is no longer feasible to accept these payments. This change allows us to reduce operating costs from the budget while continuing to provide a variety of bill payment options to meet your needs. This change will benefit Daemen College and students by enabling the College to allocate the fee savings to other required costs.

Is Daemen College the only university charging service fees?

  • No, the changes in your credit/debit card payment structure are similar to those that have been adopted by many universities across the country where online credit and debit card payments are made available through a third-party processor who assesses a service fee for processing the payment. The service fee goes directly to the third-party processor to cover the fees charged by the credit and debit card companies.  Daemen College does not get to keep any of these fees.

Who is the third-party provider?

  • Daemen College has contracted with ACI Payments, Inc., a trusted third-party payments processing provider for the Internal Revenue Service, state government, and colleges and universities. Official Payments maintains PCI-DSS Level 1 certification as well as NACHA, FERPA and GLB compliance. ACI Payments, Inc. is a licensed money transmitter in all states requiring such and adheres to state, federal and banking security rules and regulations, and undergoes yearly security audits.


Thank you,

Daemen College Business Affairs