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Alyson Spallina

Sport Management

Year in school: Senior

Hometown/State: Rochester, NY

High School: Churchville-Chili Senior High School


She / Her / Hers 

Are you a commuter or resident?


Why did you choose Daemen College?

I chose Daemen because of the business program. They have you take classes of every business major so you become a well-rounded student. The professors here also care about you and your education and take the time to foster personal connections with you.

Why did you choose your present major?

I chose my major because I want to one day work in the NHL.

Please briefly describe your Scholar's Day.

My Scholar's Day experience was great. I got to learn a lot about the college and tour it, as well as interview for the scholarship. The interview felt more like a conversation and was very enjoyable. Overall, it was a great experience.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen.

So far my academic experience has been challenging but rewarding. I know that it will prepare me for my future career.

What do you like best about Daemen?

What I like best about Daemen is the people. I have met so many amazing people and made a lot of friends here.

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of here at Daemen College? What kinds of things do they do?

I am a part of the Sport Management Club and the Honors Program.

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning or academic experience?

I am currently doing a service learning partnering with the Center for Allied and Unified Sports and Exercise. I work with people with disabilities in engaging in different physical activities and sports. The friendships I have made with different participants has been amazing.

What is your favorite spot to stop by in town?

My favorite spot in town is Highmark Stadium. I love going to the Bill's games with my friends.

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students?

My advice to prospective students would be to put yourself out there and to meet new people and make friends.